March 5, 2013

Tiny House Plans on Wheels

     So, you have decided you want to build a tiny house, but you’re not sure how to design one… What you need is a professional architect or tiny house company who can make up plans for you. If you want your tiny house on wheels you will want to be very careful in deciding what features and design it will have. We can help you in this regard. We can help you ensure you receive the home you want, with the features you want, while maintaining the safety and mobility you need to ensure you are truly happy with your design to go tiny. You can either go with one of our pre-made designs or we can build the custom tiny house of your dreams. However, building one on your own is also an option, and though this means a lot more work on your part, it is one that could potentially save you a lot of money. Either way American Tiny House has you covered.

If you want to build a tiny house yourself, simplicity is what matters….    

     You will want to avoid getting tiny house plans on wheels that are going to be too complex if you are going to build one yourself. When you have a home that is mobile, you have to ensure that it can handle the movement while maintaining a structurally sound foundation. Simplicity will also allow you to keep within a budget you set for how much you will spend to complete the project. There are other reasons why you want to keep things simple when it comes to the plans for the small house. I am going to assume that you or whoever would be working with you will not have a ton of experience when it comes to building homes of any kind. So the last thing you want to do is make your job hard by getting complex plans that you will not be able to execute without having to question every step of the build.

Simplicity does not mean sacrificing quality or features that are truly important to you….

     Here is the good news. When you hire us, American Tiny House, we can make tiny house plans on wheels for you. We will draw up a plan that is perfectly suited to your building experience, even if you are a novice. We will either take one of our many plans to choose from and tweak it to your liking, or start from scratch to ensure you get a customized home exactly how you want it. We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction and years of hands on, building experience. Let us help you take the questions and stress out, and make the tiny house plan of your dreams.

We can also meet you in the middle and still save you money….

     For those of you who are a little nervous about started your own tiny house or don’t have the time it takes to build one from the ground up, we do offer shells as well. When you order a shell from American Tiny House, we take care of the most difficult and time consuming parts of the build. When you have us build a shell we will also make it to your specifications and design that you choose.We will pre-plumb your kitchen and bathroom, as well as pre-wire for outlets, cable, and lighting. This option saves you a lot of hassle, time, and cash but still lets you do some of the design and building yourself.

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