February 21, 2013

Solar Powered

Solar Powered

New Solar Laminates

Solar Powered Panel
American Tiny House provides an all-in-one solar powered solution that is highly convenient, user friendly,incorporated with a standing seam metal roof, and virtually undetectable.

When you combine our PVL Laminate roofing with our passive solar design built home complete with an on-demand water heater, highly efficient heating and cooling system, energy star appliances, our extreme insulation system, you will obtain a home that is unsurpassed. Our solar package is designed to comfortably supply all of your household needs plentifully, clean, healthy and affordable.


Solar Powered



  • Photovoltaic Laminates (PVL)

  • Light weight

  • Flexible

  • Exceptionally durable.

  • Requires no penetration of the roof.

  • Superior performance at high temperatures.

  • Excellent performance even when partially shaded.

  • Healthy lead-free ROHS compliant design.

San Francisco Solar panels by American Tiny House

Solar Powered by American Tiny House