November 27, 2012

Tiny Homes for Sale – An Option That Can Provide More Financial Freedom

Freedom Series:

Our Freedom Series are custom built Tiny Houses On Wheels that can be designed to accommodate to your ideas, vision and lifestyle.

Simply put, Your Home Built Your Way!

Choose from 12ft to 32ft lengths. We make the TH Trailers, so any size under 400 sq ft is possible.

Design Features

American Tiny House Shells

Why Go Tiny

American Tiny House models

Design Features

American Tiny House Shells

Why Go Tiny

American Tiny House will be happy to build from your plans or ours.

American Tiny House models for sale!  We have many beautiful models to choose from. Purchase one of these plans today and we will help you live in a self sufficient manner without reliance on public utilities.  They also allow you to still provide you the comfort and features you need to be happy to come home to your tiny house. We would be happy to help you create your own customized plan or take one of ours and make any necessary changes that you desire.  This allows you the flexibility to get just what you want while still ensuring the safety, mobility, and quality of your new home.

American Tiny House offers a series of sustainable homes that have a tiny ecological footprint.  These tiny house models for sale also offer low maintenance, highest energy efficiency, exceptional durability.  These American Tiny Houses continue to offer ease of operation, extreme comfort, all in an eye catching attractive design known as the Freedom Series.

Tiny Houses Models For Sale

We named these homes the Freedom Series (tiny house on wheels) for their versatility to be transported anywhere at anytime. subsequently this home series has the ability to be highly portable. Freedom Series homes are built on heavy duty tandem trailers that are custom designed and engineered for a tiny house on wheels application.

This series style of home can be hitched to a compatible truck and has the freedom to be moved to any desired location you choose. Also this series has the flexibility to be utilized as a stationary structure. Either way you posses the freedom to choose what tiny house lifestyle is best for you.

American Tiny House Freedom Series are often utilized as a full time home, vacation retreat, oilfield housing, apartment or rental property, hunting cabin or job site office. This unique series also provides the freedom to lower utilities, taxes, insurance, maintenance and mortgage cost. There are also major health benefits to living in a Freedom Series home. Freedom from toxic chemicals and pollutants, HFC, HCFC, formaldehyde, and asbestos which are commonly found in many building materials.

Wow! Free Delivery when you purchase a Freedom Series home from American Tiny House, only applicable to the lower 48 states.  Don’t delay purchase your excellent Tiny House Models for Sale today and allow us to exceed your every need!

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