November 23, 2012

Our Team

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    Golden under construction American Tiny House

We are American Tiny House located in the beautiful piney woods of Longview, Texas. We are an accomplished team of craftsmen and Our passion is to design and construct the ultimate tiny homes and cabins which combine sustainable housing, highest energy efficiency, exceptional durability, low maintenance, ease of operation, extreme comfort as well as an attractive eye catching detailed appearance with maintaining a sound ecological footprint. A company is only as good as its people – and American Tiny House employs some of the most skilled, dedicated professionals in the industry. Here are some of the team members who have helped make American Tiny House the highly respected and recommended company it is today.

Our Team

Andy Pleban - Owner American Tiny House

Andrew Pleban Founder of American Tiny House – My involvement in building and cabinetry goes way back to my childhood days. Designing and building cabinets, tables, and night stands in my dads shop. My dad taught me how to use hand tools and power tools at a very young age and my imagination went from there.

My love for carpentry stayed with me and transformed into my later years to where my passion evolved into home remodeling and all phases of home construction. From there I went to creating floor plans, designing kitchen and baths well as building them. I’ve always had an interest in small home living.  Looking back,  I think it was the uniqueness of managing and living in small spaces.

When the recent tiny house movement came into existence it really piqued my interest and inspired me to develop ideas and lead me to designing my own tiny houses. Next I got together with my partners in our construction company and in a short time I had their complete interest in building tiny houses. So we decided to end one company to form another.  And that was how American Tiny House was born.



Steve- Phippen-American-Tiny-House-Craftsman

Steven Phippen Tiny House Master Craftsman — I have been in the construction field for over thirty years and now work as a Master Carpenter.  I’m experienced in all phases of construction including kitchen and bathroom design.  I love the versatility and accommodating design features that a tiny house provides.  It excites me to fulfill the customers design ideas and expectations in order to achieve their tiny house dream.


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